The Norwegian Guide and Scout Association

The Norwegian Guide and Scout Association (NSF) was founded in 1978 by the merging of The Norwegian Scout Association (founded in 1910) and The Norwegian Girl Guide Association (founded in 1921).

Today NSF has 20 000 members ranging from beavers (age 6 to 8), cubs/brownies (age 8-10), scouts/guides (age 10-16) to rovers (age 16-25) and leaders (age 16 and above).

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Scouting in Norway
The Norwegian Guide and Scout Association is an ideal organisation based on teaching children, youth and adults the fundamentals of responsibility taking, accepting challenges, new experiences and personal development.

”Learning by doing” and leader training are important elements of the movement. Other important elements are outdoor activities, friendship, practical knowledge and improved quality of life.

20 000 members are organised in 450 local groups spread over 29 districts. The structure is divided into age-groups as follows: Beavers: pre-school children, Cubs/Brownies: 7 – 10 years of age, Scouts/Guides in troop: 10 – 16 years of age, Rovers: 16 - 25 years
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